2024 Washington State Elections — All Seats & Races

The dust of the 2024 legislative session has barely settled, the session fundraising freeze is over,  and election news is beginning to trickle in! All members of the House of Representatives are up for election this year and half of the Senate will need to run campaigns. In addition, this is a major statewide election year with open seats for Governor, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, and Public Lands Commissioner, as well as a challenge for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. And of course, all of this will happen against the backdrop of organizing for and against three initiatives the legislature has sent directly to the ballot. 

Yakima Redistricting

Last Friday, Judge Robert Lasnik of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, ruled to accept a remedial redistricting map. This came following a lawsuit challenging how the 15th legislative district was drawn by the bipartisan Washington Redistricting Commission. A federal judge then ordered the revision of the legislative map in the Yakima Valley and Pasco areas in August of 2023.  

Senator Nikki Torres (R-15) of Pasco, who was elected in 2022 and is the first Central Washington Latina Senator, said, “This map disenfranchises Hispanics, all to help the Democratic Party gain seats towards a super majority in the legislature.” The newly drawn district encompasses an area stretching from East Yakima to Pasco and includes Wapato, Toppenish, Grainger and Sunnyside. The Yakama Nation Reservation is also in the district. And, it will now be known as the 14th district, not the 15th. 

With Senator Torres now in the 16th legislative district, she would have to move to the 14th or 15th to seek re-election. She could also challenge Senator Dozier (R-16). State law will allow her to finish her term, which runs through 2026, even though she doesn’t live within the boundaries.

In other changes, Senator Brad Hawkins (R-12), is now in the 7th District which is currently served by Sen. Shelly Short (R-7) of Addy.  Senator Hawkins announced that he will move to Wenatchee, to remain in the 12th district and run for re-election this year. 

Senator Curtis King (R-14) of Yakima, who is now in the 15th district and whose term expires this year, has not yet said if he would relocate in order to run. 

In the House, Representative Chris Corry, R-Yakima, and Representative Gina Mosbrucker, R-Goldendale, who currently represent the 14th district, will both be in new districts. Corry will be in the 15th and Mosbrucker in the 17th.  Both representatives said that they will run for election in their new districts.

While the new boundaries will be in effect in time for the candidate filing period in May, attorneys representing a group of voters filed an emergency notice of appeal with the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to block the change.

Statewide Races


Attorney General Bob Ferguson (D) is the clear frontrunner for the open seat for Governor, already amassing endorsements and contributions totaling over $4,185,003.39.  While elections are not won on money alone, more resources certainly means more voter contact, polling, and a much greater chance of success. Moderate Senator and business community favorite Mark Mullet (D-5) ($519,250.58 cash on hand) could have had a shot at the position had it not been for the entrance of former Congressman and King County Sheriff Dave Reichert (R) ($798,628.29 cash on hand). A Republican has not been in the Governor’s Mansion since John Spellman (1981-1985). In fact, there are no Republican statewide officeholders in Washington currently.  If he loses his bid for Governor, Mullet will not be returning to the legislature, as his seat is up in 2024. This will mean one fewer moderate Democrat in the Senate, where moderates have stalled many progressive agenda items in recent years. 

Attorney General

Former U.S. Attorney Nick Brown (D) is the fundraising frontrunner for Attorney General, with Senator Manka Dhingra (D) Dhingra close behind. Brown has $483,964.53 cash on hand compared to Dhingra’s $226,186.77.  Dhingra is not up for reelection until 2026. One of the two Democrats will advance from the August primary against Silent Majority Foundation and second amendment advocate attorney Pete Serrano (R) ($62,796.83 cash on hand). 

Insurance Commissioner

Senator Patty Kuderer (D-48) ($67,007.54 cash on hand) is the frontrunner for Insurance Commissioner against insurance agent Bill Boyd (R) ($0 cash on hand). If Kuderer loses her bid for Insurance Commissioner, she will return to her Senate seat.

Public Lands Commissioner

Former Congresswoman Jamie Hererra Beutler (R) ($170,134.58 cash on hand) will handily win the August primary while five plus Democrats duke it out amongst themselves. Moderate Senator Kevin Van De Wege (D-24) ($214,031.72 cash on hand) is a timber industry favorite. Van De Wege’s seat is up this year, so he will not be returning to the legislature. Seeking the environmental vote are Senator Rebecca Saldaña (D-37) ($56,110.55 cash on hand), Makah Tribal Member Patrick DePoe (D) ($23,589.09 cash on hand), and King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove (D) ($257,695.80 cash on hand). Saldaña’s seat is not up until 2026, so she will return to the legislature if she loses the race for lands commissioner. 

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Current Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal ($76,093.27 cash on hand) is facing a few challengers in 2024, teacher Reid Saaris ($99,381.22 cash on hand) and former Republican Representative and teacher Chad Magendanz (-$867.19 cash on hand). 

Legislative Races

What follows is based on candidates who have filed with the Public Disclosure Commission. Individuals can raise and report money to the PDC even if they haven’t officially filed for office with the Secretary of State. 

Spokane and Eastern WA

One of the surprises of the 2024 session was the announcement that Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig (D-3) would not seek re-election, opening not only a safe Democrat Senate seat but the position of Majority Leader, which will be voted on by the Senate Democrats after the 2024 General Election. Representative Marcus Riccelli (D-3) immediately jumped into the race for the seat. This also means there will be an opening for a new Health Care & Wellness Chair at the end of the year. Two Democrats have already announced intentions to run, Executive Director of the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium Ben Stuckart (D) and Spokane attorney Natasha Hill (D). Stuckart served as Spokane City Council president from 2012 through 2019, ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 2019, losing to Nadine Woodward in the General. Last month, Stuckart announced he would run for the seat vacated by Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R) but instead opted for the legislature. Hill has said that leadership in Eastern Washington has not been able to address racial equity and those with lived experience. 

Up in the safe Republican 7th, there are two open House seats with the retirement of Representative Joel Kretz (R-7) and Representative Jacqueline Maycumber (R-7) running for Congress. Andrew Engell (R), former district director for Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers announced for Maycumber’s seat, saying “People may be surprised to hear my hardline conservative views as a candidate. That wasn’t appropriate when I was a staffer.  My job was to listen. And what I hear from people is they are tired of being trampled and ignored. People in rural Washington say they feel like rural areas are being treated like parks serving the urban areas.” Okanogan County Republican Chair Teagan Levine (R) has announced for Kretz’s seat.  

Former Representative Rob Chase (R) is taking a swing at his old seat, now occupied by Representative Leonard Christian (R-4). 

South Sound

Longtime Senator Sam Hunt (D-22) announced his retirement during the 2024 session and Vice Chair of Health and Wellness Committee Representative Jessica Bateman (D-22) quickly jumped into the race, meaning she will not succeed Representative Riccelli as chair.  Activist Tela Hogle (D) has also announced for the safe Democrat Senate seat. Two Democrats have announced for Bateman’s House seat, veterinarian and Olympia City Councilmember Lisa Parshley (D) and María Siqüenza (D), who currently serves as the state’s executive director for the Commission of Hispanic Affairs.  

Representative Kelly Chambers (R-25) is retiring and has launched a bid against Ryan Mello (D) for the open Pierce County Executive position. Michael Keaton (R), an Air Force veteran and Puyallup School Board member has announced for Chambers’ seat

Yelm Representative JT Wilcox (R-2) retired this session. Wilcox served as Minority Leader of the House Republican Caucus from 2018-2023, when he stepped down and was replaced by Rep. Drew Stokesbary (R-31). In his announcement, Wilcox decried “single party thinking,”  but added “As long as we have Democrats like Larry Springer, Frank Chopp and Mike Chapman, we will have people who can be partners in the coming re-emergence of a government that works.” Wilcox is supporting Orting Mayor Josh Penner (R) to replace him. Penner is a Marine Corps veteran whose website lists accomplishments including serving as co-chair of the King County Veterans Consortium and co-founder of the Pacific Northwest Veterans Coalition. Matt Marshall (R) has also announced.

House Transportation Chair Representative Jake Fey (D-27) has a Democrat challenger this year, Devin Kelly (D). Kelly’s website lists him as a leader of the Tacoma & Pierce County Democratic Socialists. 

Central Puget Sound

Longtime Senator and Commerce & Labor Chair Karen Keiser (D-33) announced her retirement at the end of session, meaning there will not only be a Senate seat to fill, but a chairship. Both House members, Representatives Tina Orwall (D-33) and Mia Gregerson (D-33) have expressed interest in exploring appointment to the seat. The successor will need to run again after appointment as Keiser’s term is not officially up until 2026. 

Because Senator Mark Mullet (D-5) is running for governor and his seat is up in 2024, he will not be returning to the legislature. Representative Bill Ramos (D-5) has announced for the seat. Ramos is less moderate than Mullet and will change the dynamics in the Senate if elected. Four Democrats have already announced for Ramos’ seat, Black Diamond Councilmember Kristiana de Leon (D), Issaquah Councilmember Victoria Hunt (D), Waylon Menzia (D), and disability advocate Jason Ritchie (D). 

In the week after the legislative session came to a close, Speaker Emeritus Frank Chopp (D-43) announced his retirement after serving Capitol Hill and surrounding areas in the legislature and shaping policy across Washington for three decades.  Shaun Scott (D) who lost his 2019 Seattle City Council race against Alex Pedersen has announced. Scott is a policy lead at the Statewide Poverty Action Network. 

Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade Chair Senator Derek Stanford (D-1) has a Democrat challenger, Szabella Pasztor (D) whose website announcement says she is looking forward to the honor of serving as the youngest seated State Senator and the first openly trans State Legislator in Washington State. 


Because Senator Kevin Van De Wege’s (D-24) seat is up in 2024 and he is running to be the next Public Lands Commissioner, another moderate Representative Mike Chapman (D-24) is running for his Senate seat.  Attorney, engineer, and fire commissioner Marcia Kelbon (D) has also announced.  Chapman’s open House seat has also already attracted three Democrats including Van De Wege’s former legislative assistant Adam Bernbaum (D), Sequim School Board president Eric Pickens (D), and former Makah Tribal Chair Nate Tyler (D). 

Representative Spencer Hutchins (R-26) announced he will not seek a second term, citing the stress on his business and family. Adison Richards (D), who ran unsuccessfully in this traditionally swing district in the last election, will be running against Jim Henderson (R). A shuffle may ensue after the General election if Senator Emily Randall (D-26) wins the 6th Congressional District race. If she loses, she will return to the legislature.

In the 23rd, newly appointed Representative Greg Nance (D-23) will face a number of challengers in his first election. Democrats include former legislative assistant to Representative Tarra Simmons (D-23), Shannon Turner (D) and dentist Dr. John Gibbons (D).

Representative Travis Couture (R-35) has a Republican challenger this year in Shelton Mayor and former gas station/convenience store owner Eric Onisko. The same post General shuffle that may occur in the 26th could occur in the 35th as well if Senator Drew MacEwen (R-35) wins the congressional seat. If he loses his bid for congress, he will return to the legislature. 


Senator Lynda Wilson (R-17),  the longtime ranking member on the Operating Budget, surprised some with her retirement announcement at the end of session. Immediately, House Republican Caucus Chair Representative Paul Harris (R-17) jumped into the race. Representative Gina Mosbrucker could announce for his seat, but has not yet.

The 18th may be an interesting district in 2024 as it was redrawn in 2022, but Senator Ann Rivers (R-18) has not been up for election since 2020. Battle Ground City Councilmember and former Mayor Dr. Adrian Cortes (D), a special education teacher in the Camas School District since 2015, has announced a campaign against Rivers (R-18). Another Democrat teacher is hoping the new maps may turn out a new electorate this year. John Zingale (D) has announced a bid for the seat currently held by Greg Cheney (R-18).

In the 19th, Senator Jeff Wilson (R-19)  has a Libertarian opponent this year, Charles Jones (L), as does Representative Joel McEntire (R-19), who is being challenged by Justin Franks (L).

North Sound

Like the swing 26th, the swing 10th will likely be an expensive couple of races this year. Representative Clyde Shavers(D-10) has attracted Republican challengers in Carrie Kennedy (R) and Navy Veteran Yvonne Gallardo (R). Additionally, Senator Ron Muzzall (R-10) has a Democrat challenger, Island County Commissioner Janet St. Clair (D). Undoubtedly, a Republican challenger will appear on the scene in Dave Paul’s (D-10) race as well. 

Former Representative Robert Sutherland (R) is taking on current Representative Sam Low (R-39) in 2024, after Low beat him in 2022. 

Representative Julio Cortes (D-38) has a Democrat challenger in 2024, Bryce Nickel (D).


As of today, the following members have made public declarations that they will not run for their seats again in 2024:

  • Senate Majority Leader Andy Billig (D-3) retiring (the SDC will also need to elect a new Majority Leader after the 2024 general election)
  • Senator Sam Hunt (D-22) retiring
  • Senator Karen Keiser (D-33) retiring (someone will be appointed, as she is not up until 2026)
  • Senator Mark Mullet (D-5) running for Governor
  • Senator Kevin Van De Wege (D-24) running for Commissioner of Public Lands
  • Senator Lynda Wilson (R-17) retiring
  • Rep. Jessica Bateman (D-22) running for open Senate seat
  • Rep. Kelly Chambers (R-25) running for Pierce Co. Executive
  • Rep. Mike Chapman (D-24) running for open Senate seat
  • Rep. Jacqueline Maycumber (R-7) running for 5th Congressional
  • Rep. Bill Ramos (D-5) running for open Senate seat
  • Rep. Marcus Riccelli (D-3) running for open Senate seat
  • Rep. JT Wilcox (R-2) retiring
  • Rep. Paul Harris (R-17) running for open Senate Seat
  • Rep. Joel Kretz (R-7) retiring
  • Rep. Spencer Hutchins (R-26) retiring
  • Rep. Frank Chopp (D-43) retiring

Additionally, a number of members are seeking other offices, but will return to the Legislature should they lose in November. These members include:

  • Senator Manka Dhingra (D-45) running for Attorney General
  • Senator Patty Kuderer (D-48) running for Insurance Commissioner
  • Senator Drew MacEwen (R-35) running for 6th Congressional
  • Senator Emily Randall (D-26) running for 6th Congressional
  • Senator Rebecca Saldaña (D-37) running for Commissioner of Public Lands

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